La Scuola Di Orafi E Argentieri Di Tripoli Bracelet. Silver Hinged Bangle


A rare find of a very particular work, that of La Scuola Di Orafi E Argentieri Di Tripoli which was established in the 1930s in Tripoli and carried on working until the early 70s. The style is quite distinctive and combines that of Italian and North African Berber styles. The bracelet is made of 900 silver and marked with the pictograph of a triple-sail boat or caravel, a symbol of Tripoli. The bracelet is made of four parts connected together with hinges. It closes with a push-in pin and is in great working order. The bracelet  is in very good condition with only one minor exception: it is missing a tiny tray (see fourth picture). A substantial and beautiful bracelet!

  • Inner circumference is 17 cm (6 3/4").
  • Width is 2.7 cm (1 1/8") wide.
  • Weight is 74 g.

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