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Late Ottoman Chest or Head Ornament

Late Ottoman Chest or Head Ornament

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This is a rare ornament probably from Anatolia in Turkey from the first half of the twentieth century. It has a triple row of handmade chains from which hang hand or tulip-shaped dangles.  The three chains connect on either side to boteh-shaped finials. The finials most likely had hooks to attach the ends to a headdress or to the front of a dress.  

At some point in this piece's history the headdress was converted into a bib necklace by sawing off the hooks on the finials and attaching a hook at one end and a ring on the other. So, in effect, the ornament was recycled into a lovely bib necklace. This piece is made of low-grade silver. Most of the jump rings are soldered shut, so the maker spent time and effort to make this piece.  It is in reasonably good condition.

  • The wearable length is 43¬†cm 17"
  • Bib depth 7.5 cm or 3 "
  • Weight is¬†56 g.

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