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Vintage Silver Maria Theresa Thaler Bedouin Necklace

Vintage Silver Maria Theresa Thaler Bedouin Necklace

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This is a Maria Theresa Thaler Bedouin Necklace with two 1 gulden coins minted under Queen Wilhelmina. All the coins are silver. Since the date on these is defaced from soldering, I had to go by the date range off those coins with that particular portrait of the queen to date the coins from 1922 - 1945. Gulden coins are less common in Yemeni jewelry than the Thaler which was often incorporated into Bedouin jewelry. It was also traded more widely and melted down to make pieces of jewelry.  The necklace has silver beads (tested) and red glass beads.  It has been restrung long ago as witnessed by the color of the fish wire and the remains of the original threads. If you wish to wear this necklace, you'll have to fashion a closure because presently it only has a hook in the fish wire which can fit over the end bead but is not ideal as a closure.Some of the dangles have depressions.

 The necklace is short it is 36 cm (14").

  • Drops 9 cm (3 1/2")
  • Weighs a hefty 135 grams.
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