Matching Pair of Silver and Garnet Middle East Bracelets


These pretty thin silver and garnet Middle East bracelets are a matching pair. They are hinged and adorned with 10 faceted garnets each as well as intricate roping and small granules around which wing a floret of wound wire. The bracelets are made of silver and there is a mark on one of them near the closure, but I can't make out the origin. The bracelets fasten with a push pin mechanism that works well. In my estimation, these bracelets are from the first half of the twentieth century and they are in great vintage condition, but they do have unexplained holes in their body.

  • Inner circumference is 17.8 (7").
  • Inner diameter is 5.6 cm or 2 1/4".
  • Width is 1.2 cm (1/2"). 
  • Weight for both is 46.8 grams.

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