Old Large Metal Mesh Bedouin Bracelet with Red Glass from the Arabian Peninsula


This is a rare and lovely vintage Bedouin bracelet that used to adorn Yemenite and Saudi women. It is made of hand spun base metal wire made into a mesh on which the square medallions are slid. The bracelet  is decorated with red glass or resine cabochons and dome  beads. This bracelet has a golden tinge, which could be due to the use of tumeric dye on some Bedouin pieces of jewelry. The bracelet closes with a pin mechanism that is attached to the bracelet with a safety chain. It is from the second part of the twentieth century and is in good vintage condition barring a few scratches to the glass beads and small depressions in the dome beads, inevitable in this type of well loved jewelry.

Length 20.5 cm (about 8"). The width is 2 cm (7/8") weight is 56 g.

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