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Old Silver Coin Indian Choker Necklace

Old Silver Coin Indian Choker Necklace

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This is an amazing, hefty silver coin necklace from the early twentieth century. It has silver spacer beads connected with a silver link chain. From the spacer beads hang 20 high-grade silver molded coin pendants. The faux coins carry the date 1878 in Arabic script and the back is smooth. The closure is a screw mechanism that works well.

A more lavish, gold necklace can be seen in Oppi Untracht's book "Traditional Jewelry of India." Untracht explains that the use of coins is both a sign of prosperity and an amulet. Many principalities in India had their own coins. So coins with Arabic were amulets for Muslims, while coins depicting Hindu deities were amuletic for Hindus. Untracht goes on to point out that the style of this particular necklace is likely not ethnic but made to be worn by European ladies.

What is interesting is that the silver spacer beads on the top row are almost identical to those used in Saudi and Yemen belts. This testifies to the power of trade between the Indian subcontinent and the Arabian Peninsula.


  • The total length of the necklace is 44.5 cm (17 1/2").
  • The depth is 3 cm (1 1/8").
  • The coin pendants are 1.5 cm ( just over 1/2") across.
  • The weight of the necklace is 125 g.
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