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Ottoman Era Muskalik Amulet Necklace

Ottoman Era Muskalik Amulet Necklace

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This Ottoman-era necklace, known locally as muskalik has a triangular amulet holder that opens from the top by sliding the lid, The amulet holder would hold incantations to protect the wearer. TheĀ triangular shape of the amulet holder itself is thought to be amuletic.Ā The necklace is made of mixed metals and may contain low-grade silver.Ā  The amulet holder is decorated with an eight-pointed star superimposed on the center. The pendant is also decorated with fine incised patterns on both the front and the back.Ā  The necklace has some apparent solder marks on the sides and around the central component, other than that, it is in good antique condition.Ā 

  • The chain measuresĀ 61.5 cm (24 1/4") long.
  • The central pendant measuresĀ 7 x 4.8 cm (2Ā 3/4"x 1 7/8").
  • Weight isĀ 57 g.

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