Rare Antique Silver Arousa Al Burqa with Complete Black Crochet Veil from Egypt


ON HOLD. Please do not buy.
Vintage 1920's Egyptian complete veil with silver gilded Arousa el Burka (Bride of the Veil). The arousa is a silver cylinder with three concentric flat rings in the center, wound with silver wire.  It is worn over the nose.  This arousa has the three hallmarks of Egypt. It is attached to its original burka veil, crocheted in black with a satin ribbon to hold the veil in place.   
The crocheted part of the veil measures 11" wide by 26" long.  The arousa is 1 1/2 inches long.  
This veil is a very rare find as it is almost impossible to find a complete veil these days.  Please note that there is a hole in the crocheted part (see pix).  For an idea of how the veil was worn, please see antique post card here:

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