Rare Vintage Rashaida or Bishariya Low Silver Ring with Long Dangles


A very difficult to find Bishariya ring or hair ornament from Egypt from the first half of the twentieth century. Made of low grade silver, the ring itself looks like a Rashaida ring with its Yemeni design influences.  The front has 3 rings. From these dangle long chains ending in tear shaped pendants with repousse palm motifs.  These patterns are very specific to the Bishariya tribe from Egypt who wear very specific jewelry influenced by Nubian designs. The tear shaped pendants on this ring can also be seen in Nubian jewelry. 

  • The band is 2 cm (7/8") wide and the dangles are 8 cm (3 1/4") long.
  • It is a size 8 at its middle. 
  • Weight is  21.9 g.

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