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Very Rare Vintage Silver Omani Zar Ring size 6 1/2

Very Rare Vintage Silver Omani Zar Ring size 6 1/2

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This is a very rare zar ring that was worn throughout Oman. It was especially used for the zar ceremony, gifted or worn at the conclusion of the ceremony, but it was also used for daily wear to protect the wearer.

This ring, made from silver, is quite heavy. It has a raised dome on a square base. The dome has wiring around the two tiers of the base. The wiring creates openingsĀ in the sidesĀ of the dome. There are silver drops at each corner. The shank is made of a single thick wire. ThereĀ was a repair to the shank, I assume to make the ring fit a smaller finger. The ring is from theĀ second half of the twentieth century and is in good condition.

  • TheĀ base measures 2.5 x 2.5 cm (1 x 1").
  • It is 2.5 cm (1") high.Ā 
  • Weight is 27 grams.
  • The ring is sizeĀ  USĀ 6 1/2.

The zar ceremony is an ancient rite performed to appease the spirits. It involves drumming and chanting as well as incense. Researchers are split on the origin of the zar ceremony. Some think it originated in today's Ethiopia. Others think that ancient Persia was the origin.Ā  It was practiced in the Horn of Africa and adjacent areas.

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