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Vintage Algerian Silver Hoop Earrings

Vintage Algerian Silver Hoop Earrings

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This delicate pair of vintage Berber earrings were worn by Algerian women of the Sahara and known locally as timsarfin. They were made in the mid-twentieth century and were worn through the earholes, but if you intend to wear them, please understand that the ends are thick and need a bigger earlobe hole than is standard.

The earrings are hoops with saw-teeth decorating the bottom part of the hoop. The saw teeth have granulation, some of which is worn with age.

They test as silver and have punch marks that I could not decipher. They are in goodĀ vintageĀ condition.

  • The diameter of the hoop is 4.7 cm or just under 2".
  • The width is about 5 cm (2").
  • The thickness of the opening is 4 mm.
  • Weight is 21 g.

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