Vintage Bakelite Black Prayer Beads or Misbaha Inlaid Imitation Yusr Beads


This is a string of 99 prayer beads. They are used in Islam to recite the 99 names of Allah. The beads are imitation black coral or yusr beads, but each is hand inlaid with metal rods throughout, work that must have taken hours and hours. The effect is quite pleasing. The masbaha is Middle Eastern in origin from the second half of the twentieth century.  It ends in three felt like pompoms. One of the strands is a little frayed and there are some missing metal rods, but it is generally in good vintage condition. Can also be worn as a necklace.

Length of beads only 63.5 cm (25").
Size of beads 6 x 4 mm.
Weight is 32.9 grams.


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