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Vintage Bedouin Face Veil from Sinai Egypt

Vintage Bedouin Face Veil from Sinai Egypt

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This vintage Bedouin face veil is a traditional garment worn by Bedouin women in the Sinai desert region of Egypt as well as the Negev desert, commonly known as the burqa'. It features a woven top band, likely made from camel hair, with two loops to secure the sheer embroidered veil around the face. The center of the veil is adorned with copper coins, and the bottom has two rows of coins, including vintage Egyptian 5 millieme coins from the 1930s and later one-lira coins from Israel. The band is connected to the veil with two metal chains, and embellished with metal chains, plastic, glass, and button beads. The veil and some of its coins show signs of aging so please check all the photos for the condition. This is a valuable and authentic piece that would benefit from restoration.

The veil measures 26 x 30 cm (10 x just under 12"). Weight is 293g.

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