Vintage Bedouin Silver Bracelet from the Arabian Peninsula


This beautiful and now quite rare bracelet is from the Hijaz, Western Saudi Arabia. It is made of a sheet of silver, so it is hollow and then worked with emobssing and repousse techniques and decorated with three ceramic light blue cabochons set in raised smooth bezels. The bracelet is further decorated with applique and roping. The result is a pretty and light finely made bracelet.

The bracelet has not come through time unscathed, it has a few dents at either end, but nothing to compromise its integrity. Perfectly wearable.

Inner circumference is 12.5 cm (5") with an extra 3 cm (1 1/8") opening. Inner diameter is 5.4 cm (2 1/8"). Width is 2 cm (3/4"). Weight is 61 grams.

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