Vintage Berber Necklace, Tunisian Rihana Silver Chain and Hilal or Hauafer Pendant


Vintage Berber khamsa necklace with a Rihanna or Rihana chain and an Egyptian made Hilal or Hauafer Pendant. Each link on this Rihanna chain is made by hand and soldered shut then hammered to a flat shape. It is typically Tunisian. The pendant is a hauafer or hilal pendant with a birth motif worn by women to protect themselves. Both the chain and the pendant are 800 silver.  The pendant has the "tête de nègre" silver punch mark which was used 1905-1942. The chain does not have a closure. The pendant has the three part Egyptian hallmark which marks it as Cairo assayed in 1959-1961. The necklace is in great condition.

  • The hand pendant is 7.5 x 4.2 cm (3 x  1 5/8").
  • The chain is 79 cm (31") long.
  • The individual links are around 1.5 cm or close to 3/4" in diameter.
  • Weight is 70 grams.


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