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Vintage Bronze Bracelet - Asian Rattle Dance Bangle - Spike Bracelet

Vintage Bronze Bracelet - Asian Rattle Dance Bangle - Spike Bracelet

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I am rather puzzled by this find. It looks like an antique to me, but I'm not an expert. I think it is Asian rather than African because of the pattern at the ends. I have tried to find out where it is from, but my research has brought up naught. So I'll tell you what I know: It is a heavy bronze bracelet that Rattles. In fact it is made with a groove that runs down the entire underside and has 3 small pebbles trapped inside. The pebbles make a lovely sound as the bangle moves. This makes me think that the bracelet was originally designed as a dance bracelet. The bracelet also has spheres running along the side as well as spikes on the top. There are also stripes of red red paint on the top of the bracelet.

The ends are separated by a small gap and are decorated with windy roping reminiscent of Vietnamese and Thai jewelry. Bronze rattle bangles were also used by dancing girls in traditional Khmer culture which is thought to have been brought from India along with Hinduism and later Buddhism. If any body out there has information as to their origin, I would be very grateful.


Inner circumference is 17.5 cm (7") so can only fit a small hand because the ends are not flexible. Width is 1.7 cm (3/4"). Weight is 115g

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