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Vintage Designer Poppy Dandiya Silver Coil Ring

Vintage Designer Poppy Dandiya Silver Coil Ring

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A sterling silver and lapis lazuli ring made by renowned jeweler, Poppy Dandiya. The ring has three coils and ends with lapis lazuli stones of differing sizes on either end.  A little turquoise set in a floral bezel sits on one of the coils near the finial.

The ring is made very well and stamped 925 and carries the designer's name mark. 

  • The width across the three coils is 2 cm (3/4").
  • The ring weighs 14.3 grams.
  • It is currently size 8 in its middle but can be adjusted upwards a little bit.

Poppy Dandiya is an Indian jeweler, born in Rajasthan. He studied in England and set up a workshop there. Later on, he returned to India and set up a school to teach jewelry making. He became famous when his Smithsonian Institute creations turned out to be bestsellers. He divided his time between India and England until retiring in 2013. His designs combine his Rajasthani heritage with modern techniques resulting in unique items that are truly timeless. This is your chance to acquire one of his unique pieces.

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