Vintage Egyptian Beaded Necklace


This Egyptian beaded necklace from the late 19th century - early 20th century comes with various zar ceremony elements such as the triangular amulet worked in repousse and carrying the name of "Allah" that opens to place an incantation inside and the fish (symbols of fertility). The necklace is made of low silver grade elements as well as faceted carnelians. It has coin dangles, one is Ottoman minted in Egypt and another one may carry the name of the maker: Ismael Musa Mikhail.  The reverse announces that it was minted in Abusir (a village near Cairo) in 1293 Hijri, which is 1876.  The necklace has a hook and eye closure and a safety chain.

Length of chain:74 cm (29"). The amulet  has a 4 cm ( 1 1/2") side and its dangles hang 6 cm (2 3/8") long.   Weight is 99 grams.

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