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Vintage Egyptian Silver Zar Anklet or Foot Bracelet

Vintage Egyptian Silver Zar Anklet or Foot Bracelet

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This is a heavy Egyptian silver anklet made traditionally from one piece of silver rod, shaped like a C, the ends hammered and shaped in their polyhedral shapes. There are two rings of wire wrapped close to the finials and then little half-sphere dangles are attached to make the sound necessary for the zar ceremony which is meant to appease the spirits or djin. The two finials are stamped with star shapes. Though this is meant to be an anklet, it can be worn as an upper arm bracelet. The anklet does not have hallmarks but does test for silver, most likely in the 60 -70% range.

 The inner circumference is 18.2 cm (7 1/8") with a further 4.5 cm (1 6/8") for the gap. The inner diameter is 7.5 cm (3"). Weight is 155.5 g.

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