Vintage Gold Gilt Silver Filigree Screw Back Dangle Earrings


What a delicate pair of earrings. So well made and beautifully worked in fine filigree with soft blue and green enamel added for good measure. The tear shaped earrings end in fine dangles made of wound wire. The end result is a very elegant pair of earrings  This type of fine wound wire dangles I've seen on Victorian earrings, but I think these earrings are from the 1920s or 30s. They are unmarked, but do test for silver, around 80% purity. The earrings have a soft gold gilt and the screw back mechanism works well. There are two dangles missing on one earring and one dangle on the other, but frankly it's hard to notice and I only noticed when I took pictures.

Length 5 cm (2") and width is 1.2 cm (1/2") at widest. Weight is 5 grams.

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