Vintage Indian Anklet or Bracelet for Small Ankle or Small Wrist


This is a heavy Indian anklet that is quite rigid and beautifully decorated with masterful repousse and chasing techniques. The floral motif repeated all over the body of the bracelet. It is made in two parts that are gathered together on either side with a copper pin (a later replacement of the original it looks like). 

I believe that the anklet is from Gujarat. There is a similar anklet or koda in Traditional Jewelry of India by Oppi Untracht. The bracelet is not made of silver and has a brassy feel to it. It was likely worn by a young woman or a girl as the dimensions show.

  • Inner circumference is 14.5 cm (5 5/8").
  • Inner diameter is 4.8 (just under 2").
  • Width is 4 cm (1 1/2").
  • Weight is 278.2 grams.

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