Vintage Indian Hand Woven Silver Belt


This is an early twentieth Century traditional women's Belt. A similar example can be seen in Oppi Untracht's "Traditional Jewelry of India" and she identifies it as hailing either from Maharashtra or from Andhra Pradesh, India. The thin double chain is hand woven silver wire, kept along side each other with small bands. The closure is articulated and has a hook inside one of the finials, through which a screw fits in. Note that the screw unwinds clockwise and winds anticlockwise. There are two faces on either side of the buckle. Beautiful workmanship is displayed in making this belt. It is in good condition with a nice patina, but the diamond shaped plaque on one of the sides is missing.

Length 76 cm (30"). At widest (central closure) it is 5.5 cm (2-1/4"). Weight is 119 g.

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