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Vintage Indian Silver Toe Ring

Vintage Indian Silver Toe Ring

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A Rajasthan India Silver Toe ring with lovely openwork and five sound-making little bell dangles. This toe ring was often worn in pairs (I do have another one if you are interested) The ring is made of solid high-grade silver, but the bottom is made of two overlapping flat copper plaques. These allow the toe ring to be worn comfortably and also allows adjustment to your size.

The width of the ring is 1 cm (3/8"). and I do have two, one is size 9 and the other size 10 on my mandrel there is however room for adjustment. Please let me know which one you'd rather have. To buy both, just choose 2 in the quantity section.

The weight of the smaller ring is 11 g. the bigger one is 11.5 g.

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