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Vintage Long Bedouin Bead Necklace

Vintage Long Bedouin Bead Necklace

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This is an interestingĀ long Bedouin necklace. It is made with mixed metal beads, cuboid spacers, and somewhat translucent imitation amber beads. The hefty necklace ends in intricately decorated Yemeni cone finials and a short chain with a hook and eye clasp.Ā Even though the necklace follows a traditional composition of beads, I believe that this was either worn by a less wealthy Bedouin woman or a figment of a dealer's imagination. Nevertheless, it is quite an impressive necklace that can be quite versatile to wear.

  • Length is 91.5 cm (36").
  • TheĀ beads are aboutĀ 2 cm (3/4") across.
  • Weight is 215 g.

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