Vintage Indian Bird Button Set for Man's Shirt


Lovely 5-bird button set from India. The buttons are connected by double chains and have dangles at the end. The button set was used on a man's garment and served both a functional and an aesthetic purpose. The button part was passed through two eyelets closing the shirt or tunic while the dangles adorned the garment. A picture of how this button was worn can be seen in Oppi Untracht's book: Traditional Jewelry of India.

Each button is about 1 cm across (1/2").  Each bird is about 1.8 cm (3/4") in length and about 8mm in width (3/8"). The length with dangles of the set is 48 cm (18 1/2"). The distance between every two buttons is 11 cm (4 1/4"). Weight is 32 g.

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