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Vintage Masai Necklace from Kenya

Vintage Masai Necklace from Kenya

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A beautiful and impressive vintage Masai necklace from Kenya from the mid twentieth century. This lovely African necklace is made of triangular amulets fashioned from seed beads on wire frames.  The Venetian beads are in light and dark blue and white hues.  The triangles are double sided and threaded onto brown braided cord and interspersed with antique blue trade glass beads. Each triangle has a coin dangle. One of the coins is smaller than the others and may be a replacement.

I found a relative with similar beading style in the American Museum of Natural History's collection: Catalog No: 90.2/ 1256
Beaded section is 34 cm (13 1/2")

  • The cotton cord it is 117 (43") long adjustable by tying the ends of the cord.
  • The triangular pendants are 7 cm (2 1/2") long and 4.5 (1 3/4") wide.
  • The big blue trade beads are 7 mm across.
  • Weight is 84.9 grams.
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