Vintage Matching Pair of Yemeni Bracelets with Lots of Granulation


This is a pretty rare pair of bracelets from Yemen  from the Southern coastal Tihama Region and most likely from the Mansouriyah which is known for this type of hinged bracelet.

The pair are made with mixed metals with copper and perhaps some silver, but the granulation which covers the bracelet is made from low grade silver. The bracelets open with a screw pin and are in reasonable condition. You can see a similar bracelet in Marjorie Ransom's book: Silver Treasures from the Land of Sheba. The two bracelets are slighly different in color. In most likelihood, the previous owner polished one but not the other.

Inner circumference 17 cm (6 3/4"). Inner diameter is 5.5 (2 1/4"). Weight of both 200.8 g.

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