Vintage Middle East Bedouin Silver Kurdish Necklace with Charms


A very old and crudely made Bedouin silver protective Kurdish necklace from the Middle East. It features a big pendant with birds hand engraved on it in between the petals of a flower (or it could be the rays of the sun). The pendant has a small coral cabochon at its center and 7 dangles hanging from chains. The necklace has additional pendants hanging from the chain including clay blue beads that have holes in them, representative of the evil eye and are meant to protect the wearer. There is a triangular amulet made of nice yellow glass with crescent pendant hanging from it.  This is an antique necklace from the late 19th Century, possibly Kurdish. It is made of low grade silver (including chain and pendants) and is in good vintage condition, though there are some depressions to some of the dangles.

  • Length 58 cm (23").
  • The pendant measures 5.5 cm (2 1/8") in diameter.
  • The weight is 77 g.

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