Vintage Sterling Silver Moroccan Earrings with Enamel


Vintage Moroccan Earrings - Sterling Silver and Enamel - Tuareg Earrings - for Pierced Ears.

This is a truly wonderful pair of Tuareg earrings from Morocco. They are made of three articulated parts which make the earrings very mobile and free. There is a triangular upper part, a square middle part and three enameled dangles form the lower part. The earrings are made of an silver that is finely engraved and etched by hand to make delicate designs and the dangles are enameled in lovely deep blue and green. The earrings hang down 5 cm (2") and are 2 cm (6/8") at widest. Weight is 9 g. A beautiful and delicate pair in need of cleaning and a slight polish.


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