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Vintage Bedouin Omani Earrings, Silver Oman Jewelry

Vintage Bedouin Omani Earrings, Silver Oman Jewelry

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A rare pair of silver Omani earrings from the first part of the 20th century. A good example of silver Oman jewelry: they are formed of two parts. The first is a  C shaped hoop that has wrapped silver wire detailing and a biconical bead near the opening. The second is a removable ring with two handmade chains that end in two Hand of Fatima Dangles. The hand pendants are stylized with three rather than 5 "fingers". The Hand of Fatima is a motif often used not just in jewelry from the Arabian Peninsula, but right across the Middle East. It is thought that wearing such a symbol would protect the wearer from evil.  These earrings may have been worn through the ear, but more likely suspended on either side of the face with a leather or silver chain that goes over the head. 

You can see a similar pair in the online collection of the British Museum

There are also similar examples in Ruth Hawley's book Omani Silver 

The two members of the pair are not exactly identical but are close relatives. The dimensions are the same, but there are slight variations in the beading near the closure on the hoop and the size of the hand pendants is slightly different in the two earrings.  They are in good vintage condition with some oxidation.

  • The hoops measure 5 cm across (2").
  • The dangles are 9 cm (3 5/8") long.
  • Weight is 52.7 grams.


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