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Vintage Omani Headdress Ornament, Silver with Gold Leaf Pendant

Vintage Omani Headdress Ornament, Silver with Gold Leaf Pendant

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This pretty ornament, called hamhoon or hirz qafa, hails from 20th century Oman. This type of decoration was used as an amulet that was worn on the back of the headdress or attached to a woman's plaits with a woolen cord. It was also worn suspended from a necklace to fall on the woman's back.  It is not an everyday ornament but rather saved for special occasions and associated with the women of Sur.

The ornament is made of three tiers. The top tier is a triangle (an amuletic shape in itself). The middle is rectangular in shape and the bottom tier is a Qur'anic case that has been sealed. 

The whole ornament is made of high-grade silver with applied stamped gold sheeting for decoration. The ornament ends with 6 double chained and stylized hand-of-Fatima dangles. The silver sheeting is a little less substantial than is usual for Omani jewelry which makes me think it was made more for display than wear.

In good vintage condition. It has the impression of stickers that once were stuck to the back. There is a similar ornament in the British Museum's collection.

  • Length¬†is 18 cm (7 1/8").
  • The width is 5 cm (2") at the widest.
  • Weight is 48g.

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