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Vintage Rare Palestinian Bracelet

Vintage Rare Palestinian Bracelet

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A rare Palestinian bracelet known as Habbayat in reference to the beads that appear like seeds or grains. that cover its body. The bracelet is made by linking elements together and holding the links with pins that go through the entire width of the bracelet.  The front of the bracelet is decorated with florets made of wire and beads.  The closure is a complex pin and barrel mechanism.  

A similar bracelet can be seen in the British Museum's Online Collection

This bracelet is made of low grade silver and is pre-1940's since it was around that time that gold jewelry replaced the more traditional silver jewelry as a woman's private banking system. This bracelet was made in Nablus and worn by the women n that region, often in pairs, one on each wrist. 

Authentic Palestinian jewelry is becoming increasingly rare to find as a small quantity was produced.  This bracelet is in fine condition with a yellowish sheen which could have come from an old gold gilt or of being dyed with a natural dye.  The bracelet does test positive for low grade silver.

  • The inner circumference is approx.15.5 cm (6"), so it's for a small wrist.
  • Width is 4.5 cm (1 3/4" ).
  • Weight is a hefty 170.2 g
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