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Vintage Silver Bedouin Choker Necklace with Long Chains

Vintage Silver Bedouin Choker Necklace with Long Chains

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A beautiful silver bedouin necklace with long chains and an oval red glass cabochon in its middle. The necklace, known locally as libba,  is made of good-grade silver and is from the 1940s or even older. It was likely made in Hadramout, Yemen, and worn in Saudi Arabia.

The choker part is a series of interconnected square elements with spherical dome decorations. In the middle sits the square central element that contains the red glass cabochon which has protective qualities in Bedouin culture. The finials are the traditional triangular shape. The elements are beautifully decorated with granulation and twisted wire. Elongated dangles connect to the choker with handmade chains. The purpose of the dangles is to make noise as the wearer moves. The jingling sound is thought to scare the djin or evil spirits away and further protect the wearer. 

The necklace is threaded on a braided cord whose ends are tied together around the neck. It is in good vintage condition. One jump ring was originally repaired with a piece of fabric. A few chains and dangles are missing.

  • The length of the silver necklace (without the cord) is 26 cm (8 3/4").
  • The length with the cord is 48 cm (18 3/4").
  • The choker part is around 3.3 cm (1 3/8) in width.
  • The chain and dangles add another 17 cm (6 3/4 ").
  • Weight is 225 g.

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