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Vintage Silver Berber Bracelet with Bird Closure

Vintage Silver Berber Bracelet with Bird Closure

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This is a unique Berber bracelet. Made from silver through a casting technique. It is from Morocco, most likely from Fez or Meknes. There are two ram's head hallmarks on the jump ring attaching the bird closure to the bracelet. It has beautiful dome protrusions and the bird closure is attached to the bracelet by a double chain. It is in good vintage condition. The chain is somewhat cumbersome and may have replaced an original one. It is also the only part of the bracelet that is not silver.

The inner circumference is 19.5 cm (7 3/4"). Inner diameter 6.4 cm (close to 2 1/2"). The width is 2.1 (3/4") and the weight is 77 g.

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