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Vintage Silver Egyptian Zar Necklace

Vintage Silver Egyptian Zar Necklace

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This vintage Silver Egyptian Zar Necklace is not your everyday find. It has Nubian elements with a crescent moon-shaped and full moon-shaped pendant, both decorated with X-pattern etching, There are 9 galagil (spherical) dangles, hanging from the disc part of the pendant. The heavy chain is adorned with many silver discs. The necklace is from the first half of the 20th century and is in good vintage condition, though one silver disk is missing.


  • The chain is 54 cm (21 1/2") long,
  • The pendant measures 12.5 cm (5")
  • The crescent moon is 10 cm (4") wide.
  • Weight is 180g.

This necklace was traditionally used in spirit-soothing ceremonies practiced in Egypt, Sudan, and Oman. The wearer, known as the kudya or shaikha, is the leader of the ceremony and is identified by their Zar jewelry, often accompanied by bell-laden jewelry to ward off djins and other spirits.

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