Vintage Silver, Enamel and Niello Flared Cuff Berber Bracelet Ida Ou Nadif


A gorgeous Ida Ou Nadif Berber bracelet. It is decorated with niello work and has enameled detailing in the middle on at the ends. The enamel is in bright blue, orange-yellow, and red. This Moroccan bracelet is flared, being thinner at the middle and wider at the ends. It has three studs, the middle one has play but is secure.

This fascinating bracelet is entirely decorated with hand-engraved decorations that were worked with niello. There are no repairs and it is generally in good shape, though the niello and enamel are not entirely unscathed by time.

  • Inner circumference is 15.5 cm (6") with an extra 4.8 cm ((close to 2") gap.
  • Total inner circumference is 20.3 cm or 8".
  • Inner diameter is 6 cm (2 1/2"). It is somewhat adjustable.
  • Width at narrowest is 2.8 cm (just over 1") and 7.5 cm ( 3") at widest.
  • Weight is 86 grams.

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