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Vintage Silver Kashmiri Dangle Jumka Earrings

Vintage Silver Kashmiri Dangle Jumka Earrings

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These beauties come from Kashmir from the mid-twentieth century.  Along with the obvious Indian influence, they have Afghani (use of lapis lazuli) and Swat Valley influences in design.

Shaped like a dome, the lower part is worked in filigree and roping and has small spherical dangles. The top part is star-shaped and inset with lapis lazuli and turquoise. 

The earrings are made of silver, except for the ear wires which are not. Please also note that like most ethnic earrings, they are heavy and the ear wires are thicker gauge than their western counterparts. You could, if you wanted to, adapt it for use with western standard ear wires. It's a simple process of cutting the ear wires at the base and hooking the new ear wires to an already existing loop at the top.

  • Length: 6.3 cm (2 1/2").
  • Width is 2 cm (3/4").
  • Weight is 28 grams.
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