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Vintage Silver Kundan Indian Choker Necklace

Vintage Silver Kundan Indian Choker Necklace

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India is known for several techniques in silversmithing. Kundan is one of them.  This is an old tradition developed in the royal courts of Rajasthan and Gujarat which flourished under the Mughal rule. Smiths would use gold foil under hand-cut gems to create beautiful elaborate pieces. This style later became popularized and was used with silver instead of gold and with glass, instead of jewels.

Here, we present you with a lovely example of Kundan jewelry. This vintage Indian choker was made in the first half of the 20th century, in that ancient tradition. It has inset green, red and yellow glass pieces. The surrounding metal is silver, so is the chain and hook and eye closure mechanism. There is a marking on the back of the central pendant, but I can't make it out. The necklace is in good condition and really beautiful on. Excellent necklace for a special occasion.

  • Length is 39.5 cm or 15 1/2".
  • The drop is 5 cm or 2".
  • Weight is 42.3 g.
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