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Vintage Silver Kurdish Hoop Earrings With Bird

Vintage Silver Kurdish Hoop Earrings With Bird

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This is a rare and exquisite pair of Kurdish iearrings from Iraq. It's likely an older pair from the Made of good-grade silver and with four filigree balls at the bottom with a little bird perched on the bottom of the hoop.  The design is an ancient one and it gained popularity not only in Western Asia and the Middle East, but also in Central Asia and North Africa. This type of earrings was worn in Iraq until the 1960s or 70s.

Other pairs of this type of earrings are not as finely crafted as this one. The bird on this pair has well-defined features and the balls at the bottom are individually made of very fine filigree. These features attest to the fine workmanship of their maker.  

The earrings have not escaped the ravages of time.  The filigree balls on one earring have some damage. These, obviously, do not fit a standard ear hole and they are quite large and heavy.

  • The hoop is not entirely circular. Its diameter is approximately 6 -7 cm (2 1/2").
  • The filigree balls are around 1.2 cm (1/2") in diameter.
  • The weight is 45.8 grams. 
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