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Vintage Silver Maria Theresa Thaler Coin Pendant

Vintage Silver Maria Theresa Thaler Coin Pendant

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This staple of silver trade coin has been used widely for its reliable silver content of just over 80% silver. It was used to make jewelry and was worn as as a pendant or part of necklace or headdress across the world.

This particular pendant has a re-strike Thaler of type III Ce. It is Signed S.F. This type of Thaler was minted as early as 1853.  Orignially used by the Guenzburg mint and subsequently by the mints in Mila, Venice, and Vienna. .

Seen on Maria Theresa Thalers struck since 1790, including modern re-strikes.

Pendant measures 4.2 cm (1 5/8") across and is 30 g in weight.

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