Vintage Silver Omani Hirz or Koran Box Amulet Holder Necklace


This type of Koran box or hirz was worn commonly throughout Oman by adults as well as children. The side opens to place inside a Koran text or a prayer to protect its wearer. The box is decorated with applique and repousse and has seven pairs of crescent shaped and bell dangles hanging from chains to make noise as you move. All the elements of this necklace test as high grade silver. It is in good shape. There is only a bit of silver solder that has leaked onto the repousse elements in the middle of the box.

A similar hirz may be seen in the British Museum Collection and In Oman Adorned: A portrait in Silver by Pauline Shelton Miranda Morris..

Length is 56 cm (22"). The Amulet box is 8 x 5 cm (3 1/2 x 2") without bales or dangles. Weight 220 g.

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