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Vintage Silver Omani Makhnaq Choker Necklace

Vintage Silver Omani Makhnaq Choker Necklace

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This is a silver Omani necklace is known as makhnaq which literally means 'choker'. It is also known as lu'lu'at arraqba (pearl of the neck), in reference to the central bead which is called lu'lu'a (pearl). This type of necklace was worn by women in the interior and western regions of Oman. It is from the first half of the twentieth century.

The central oval bead is made of resin or wood and coated with a thin sheet of gold over silver. The bead is decorated with a band of circles at its center. Comparing the band with other sources, I believe that the circles were once bosses but were flattened with wear. A smaller gilded bead with bosses is attached on only one side (the other bead is missing). Red glass beads flank the central bead on either side and are followed by barrel beads of the same composition as the central bead. The string of beads is threaded through a thick silver rod, crudely twisted around the next element of the necklace.  

Inverted triangles, made of silver beads attached to rods, connect to the finials with five handmade chains. The bead composition is 3-4-5. There are two missing beads on one side of the necklace. The finials are arrow-shaped structures made of twisted wire and ending in a loop. The cord used to secure the necklace at the back is missing. A similar necklace is found in the British Museum's collection (item 2009,6023.188), in Ruth Hawley's book Silver: The Traditional Art of Oman, London, 2000, and in Jehan S. Rajab's book Silver Jewellery of Oman, Kuwait, 1997


  • Length is 36.5 cm (14 1/2").
  • The width is 3.5 cm (1 3/8").
  • Weight:110 grams.

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