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Vintage Silver Omani Rattle Arm Bracelet

Vintage Silver Omani Rattle Arm Bracelet

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A lovely amuletic armlet or bracelet from Oman made in the late 19th century - mid 20th century. Worn just above the elbow with eye motifs all around as a protection against the evil eye. The bracelet tests as high grade silver and is beautifully decorated with repousse and punch techniques.  The bracelet acts as a rattle to warn strangers to lower their gaze as a woman approaches. The bracelet is in good vintage condition but with a depression on one part of the bracelet.

  • Inner circumference is 21.2 cm (8 1/4").
  • Inner diameter is 7.5 cm (3").
  • Width is 2 cm (3/4").
  • Weight is 70 grams.
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