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Vintage Silver Omani Red Reflector Necklace

Vintage Silver Omani Red Reflector Necklace

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This is a very interesting silver necklace from Oman. It is a girl's necklace with amuletic qualities. The red central piece is a recycled bicycle reflector mounted in silver! This points to its more recent age, but it is also a lovely example of how people use what is around them to make jewelry. Red is a protective color in the Arabian peninsula and so the bicycle reflector can be incorporated in traditional jewelry for amuletic purposes. The lunar-shaped dangles hang from chains. There are two red clay beads on either side fo the pendent.  The pendant hangs from a double chain that is long enough to slip on. The silver tests as high-grade and the necklace is in good shape. There is a dent in the central pendant.

A similar necklace can be seen in the British Museum Collection (item 2011.6004.1).

Length is 58.5 cm (23"). The pendant is 12 x 4.7 cm (4 3/4 x close to 2") with bale and dangles. Weight 105 g.

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