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Vintage Thewa Indian Earrings Gold Plated Silver

Vintage Thewa Indian Earrings Gold Plated Silver

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This is a pair of Indian earrings from Rajasthan India worked in the ancient thewa technique. The  top of the earrings is made of sheet gold in 23 K worked in repousse and fused with the red glass underneath. The shape is that of peacock. The earring frame is made of gold plated silver (high grade). There are also small glass bead and faux pearl dangles.

4 x 2 cm (1 1/2 x 3/4"). Weight is 8.8 g

Thewa is a technique of fusing gold sheet onto molten glass.  It was first developed under the Moghuls and is still practiced today in Rajasthan, India. Theva, as it is more commonly named, is a mixture of two words Tharna (to hammer which is used to flatten the gold into sheets that can be embossed) and Vada ( silver wire which is used to make the loops and the wire used to thread the beads to the main body).

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