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Vintage Triangular Amulet Bedouin Pendant from Yemen

Vintage Triangular Amulet Bedouin Pendant from Yemen

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An old triangle pendant in a common Bedouin style to both Yemen and Saudi Arabia. The pendant may have originally been used as a headdress ornament. It is a crudely made one, not made by a master for sure, but made in the usual way that these triangular pendants are, with beading and roping and red-colored beads. It has a double bail and 6 sets of double dangles (one is missing) that end in bell-shaped elements. The pendant is made of mixed metals and some glue material appears underneath two of the smaller beads. These imperfections are reflected in the price.  I've attached a real leather cord that can be adjusted to suit your length requirements.  

  • Pendant is 10 x 7 cm (4 x 2 1/4").
  • Dangles are an additional 7 cm (3").
  • The leather cord is 86 cm (34").
  • Weight is 100 grams.

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