Vintage Tunisian Scented Beads Crescent Necklace of Skhab, Berber Jewelry


A wonderful scented bead necklace from North Africa, most likely Tunisia. The beads are often made by the women themselves mixing a concoction of ambergris, cloves, roses, musk and other aomatic ingredients. The beads are shaped in molds, a hole put through them and then they are left to dry before incorporating them into a necklace. Though the necklace is from the 1970s or 60s, the beads still have a lovely scent and the necklace is in good vintage condition.

Skhab bead necklaces like this one were given to brides to protect them as well as for the pleasing fragrance. They were worn by urban and peasant women alike. This one has a crescent moon made of these fragrant ingredients as well as elongated beads accented with copper wire and molded floral beads. To give contrast, there are also green faux amber beads.

 Length is 66 cm (26"). The pendant is 4 x 7 cm (1 1/2 x 2 1/2"). Weight is 69.2 g.



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