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Yemeni Style Gold Gilt Silver Bracelet with Defects

Yemeni Style Gold Gilt Silver Bracelet with Defects

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Beautiful hingedĀ braceletĀ that resembles bracelets from Yemen, but I do not think it hails from there. This lovely bracelet is made of gold gilt high-grade silver and worked in truly exquisite granulation and braiding. The front of the bracelet is adorned with red and green glass beads. There are two assay marks at the front of the bracelet that I cannot make out.

The bracelet has defects. It has had a repair to the hinge. It also has a plate on the inside to support part of the bracelet against a break. The bracelet has also lost some granulation. These defects are reflected in the price.

  • The inner circumference is 16.5Ā cm (6 1/2 ").
  • The inner diameter is 5.8 cm (2 3/8").
  • The width is 2 cm (7/8").
  • Weight is 49.7 grams.


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