Pair of Antique Bedouin Twisted Roping Cuff Bracelet for Small Wrist


A pair of classic heavy solid bracelets made of mixed metal from the Najd region (Northern Saudi Arabia). Made of solid twisted metal tubes decorated with roping that is wound all around and they are closed off at the end with solid caps. One of the bracelets has a punched pattern on the ends. The bracelets are quite small, so were probably used by young women or girls.

The two bracelets' inner circumference is 12 cm (4 3/4")  and 13 cm (5 1/4"), with a further 2 cm (3/4") and 2.5 (1") gap respectively. It is solid and not adjustable so they are for a small wrist. The inner diameter is 5 cm (2") and 5.5 (2 1/8"). The width is 1.8 cm (5/8"). Weight for both is 335 g.


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